The Camtree Digital Library is located at

The Camtree open access digital library will help you learn about how educators can use inquiry for their own professional development and for improving their teaching and learning. It publishes structured reports of research that educators have carried out in their own settings. Anyone can submit a report for review and potential inclusion in the library. IELC will have its own collection of reports within the library. 

It will enable:

  • Easy publication of research reports
  • Camtree domains will be able to manage their own collections
  • Peer review of submissions and post-publication reader ratings
  • Full-text and keyword searching of reports
  • Structured abstracts allowing consistent description of methods and findings
  • Author profiles and citation information
  • Export of search results in a range of formats
  • Sharing and syndication of content to other web platforms and social media

Further information about the library, and templates for research reports, are available at the main Camtree site.