Halaqah Resources

Halaqah Resources

Bringing Dialogic Halaqah into Your Classroom

This Halaqah resource is an introduction to Dialogic Halaqah with guidelines to prepare and plan content, making it engaging for learners and tips for setting up Halaqah in schools and classrooms.

This resource is also available in Arabic and Turkish.

Finding Strength in the Quran: A Family Halaqah Guide on Palestine

In partnership with Shakhsiyah Publications, IELC presents “Finding Strength in the Quran: A Family Halaqah Guide on Palestine.” This resource offers guidelines on how and when to talk to children at times of crisis and how to set up family halaqah so that we can listen to our children and support them. The resource includes talking points and key questions with ayāt (verses) of the Quran and hadith (sayings of the Prophet ﷺ) that are relevant to the current crisis in Gaza unfolding before us.